Friday, July 14, 2017

Brain Dump

Yes, it's been a while.

Dear Valley of the Sun,

You complain about the summer heat and the lack of rain. The rain dissipates before it reaches the Valley. You're baffled by how the rain splits and goes around the Valley. You refuse to admit you've created a massive heat island.

When I was growing up, people were encouraged to paint their roofs white, to reflect heat. We had fewer glass and concrete buildings. More yards had grass and trees. When I'm out for a walk, I can still tell the difference between a house with grass landscape and desert simply by the difference in temperature. Grass and trees are significantly cooler.

What did you think would happen when you added miles upon miles of black glass heat collectors, otherwise known as solar panels? Massive amounts of heat, compressed into more and more areas, all over the Valley, rooftops of homes and businesses, the covers of parking lots, entire fields. Where did you think the heat would go? You thought there would only be good consequences?

It's the middle of July and the usual rain hasn't made it into the Valley, except for a bit here and there. Not for lack of trying. I watch the storms roll toward the Valley and then vanish, leaving nothing but higher humidity. You can't choose to do something AND dictate the consequences. Science doesn't work that way.

It's fine that you want the solar panels but at least be honest about the consequences of your choice.

God willing, I can finally let go of this bit of nattering in my head.

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