Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thank Goodness It's Sunday 296

~ Dinner with family

~ Lunch with friends

~ Blue skies

~ Starry skies

~ Refrigerators and freezers

Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Heroes... Laura Collins Wolcott

Laura Collins married Oliver Wolcott.

Reading through what she accomplished, unrecorded but implied, I wonder how anyone can believe women were insignificant at the time. Their husbands themselves marveled at what their wives accomplished. Their letters testify of their amazement and appreciation.

Oliver Wolcott was a sheriff when he married his wife, who was 10 years younger at 23. He was in public service throughout his life. His wife ran the farm, raised the children, and welcomed those involved in the fight for independence, mostly alone as her husband served the country. While her husband served in the militia, she helped supply it.

The had 5 children. Though 1 son died in infancy, the others grew up and married.

She was intelligent, spunky, and admired. She did what was required of her and more. She believed in the future and fought for it in her own way, filling the role given her with honor and courage.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Food Follow Up

It's been a while.

I prefer fresh-made butter to store bought. Did not expect that.

Another food that falls into the category of an open-bag-is-an-empty bag is some cereals. I do all right with Rice Crispy and Lucky Charms types. I like the generics as well as the originals.

Did I mention I've discovered I'm allergic to shrimp. Sadness.

Schwan's makes a Philly-type steak. Love it with turmeric and Italian seasoning, on potato, spaghetti, or bread.

Matzoh is working as a great chip replacement.

I prefer my fruit mix of dried blueberries, cherries, crasins, and pecans.

I like having a couple of pieces of celery after a meal.

Thomas makes a Limited Edition maple french toast flavor English muffin. Yummy!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week 240 of REAL

REAL - Reduce stress Exercise Adequate sleep Lower caloric intake

What Navy SEALs are required to do to make it into BUD/S:
RIght up front: Never in a million years could I do what is required. However, I needed to start somewhere. Considering how fit the SEALs are, I figured it was a good place to start. So my SEAL puppy reps (SEALp) consist of girls' pushups, crunches, and flutter kicks, a SEAL training basic. I started with doing one of each. 

PT ~ Physical therapy using 2-lb and 1-lb weights, alternating days.
UB ~ Upper body exercises
12 reps occasional weights
200 minutes a week

SEALFit shared some good hints I want to learn and remember:

22: 30 minutes. 1/4-mile walk. Short walks. PT. UB. Stretch.

23: 150 minutes. 3-mile walk. PT. UB. Stretch. Yardwork.

24: Rest.

25: 40 minutes. 1-mile walk. PT. UB. Stretch. Made butter.

26: 30 minutes. Short walks. PT. UB. Stretch.

27: 50 minutes. 1-mile walk. PT. UB. Stretch.

28: 30 minutes. Short walks. PT. UB. Stretch.

The first picture was taken in February 2012. The second picture was taken in June 2012. Inspiration, at least to me: