Wednesday, October 18, 2017


66. Angel Kisses and Riversong (Riversong 1) by Lynnette Bonner contemporary Christian romance. Found in the 7-book anthology "Cherish."

67. Mark's Grace (The Silver Locket Sisterhood series book 2) by Laurel Hawkes vintage Christian romance. I was looking for snippets to use as memes and couldn't put the book down once I started. I fell in love with the story all over again.

68. Skye (Rainbow Girls series book 1) by Heather Gray contemporary Christian romance. Loved it! I want to read more of her books. Found in the 7-book anthology "Cherish" available at Amazon for 99 cents.

69. Wrapped in Love: A Christmas Romance by Leah Atwood a contemporary Christian romance.

70. 10 Things You Must Know About the Global War on Christianity by Johnnie Moore free pamphlet available in eformat from Amazon. It might be available other places, but that's where I found it. It's a prelude to his book "The Martyr's Oath: Living for Jesus They're Willing to Die For."

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