Friday, May 6, 2016

Brain Dump

Dear American Voters,

Please, learn your country's history.

America is a Republic, not a democracy. A democracy is mod rule. A Republic is a government that represents all the people not only the mob. No, it isn't perfect. People aren't perfect. As long as people are involved, it will not be perfect. As imperfect as a Republic is, it's still better than everything else.

Please, study the history of the election process. News Flash: Things have not been rigged this year. The rules for each state were available for everyone to read before anyone announced their candidacy.

Yes, the electoral college is important and needs to remain intact, unless you want to be ruled by the East and West coast with no one else having any say. We are the United States, as in 50 states banding together and deciding to cooperate even as they are independent of each other. The Electoral College was created in order for the little states to have a say as well as the big ones.

In you don't like being part of a Republic, please feel free to move to another country. There are plenty of options. However, there is only one Republic. Having Republic in the name doesn't mean it is. There is little I find more annoying than those who demand everything change to meet what they want and then they have the audacity to say, "We've changed everything to fit what we want. This is the way it is now. Deal with it." Please, take your own advice and deal with the way things are, as imperfect as they are. Instead, use your energy to improve the Republic.

For the record: We have term limits; they're called elections. We have no one to blame but ourselves for voting in incumbents. Don't like what's on offer? Run for the seat yourself or find someone you can support.

Perfect does not exist except in God. Last I checked, He created a lot of imperfect stuff. As far as I can tell, He seems to be fine with it since He keeps sending babies to be born, adding to the imperfect population.

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