Wednesday, September 14, 2016


54. Bring on the Dusk (The Knight Stalkers Book 6) by M.L. Bachman Contemporary Military Action romance. Sadly, to me, the series is a little redundant. Similar plots, so similar I'm not surprised by the pattern. There are some good lines. If you enjoy the technical side of military romance, it's great. There are also some fascinating details about the major difference in each story. I'll read the last in this series but probably won't read any other books by Bachman.

55. By Break of Day (The Knight Stalkers Book 7) by M.L. Bachman Contemporary Military Action romance.

At this point, I think it's important to note I don't like heroes or heroines who use violence on their supposed "soul" mate. Not for any reason. I've read books where the couple liked to wrestle, and I was okay with it, though it isn't my cup of tea. However, when a character loses their temper and physically takes it out on someone who hasn't attacked them, my first thought is: The character needs counseling, immediately... okay, my first thought is really that they need to be slapped up side the head and informed that their behavior is unacceptable and THEN toss them into counseling before they move any further into a relationship. A strong woman or man never needs to brutalize someone who is not the enemy. Ever.

Little annoys me more than a heroine who "ignores" the hero and becomes all annoyed and hurt when he backs away and gives her space. Make up your mind, woman. You tell him to give you space; he does; and you're mad at him. Do you know how insane you sound? This is another instance of me wanting to tell the writer his/her characters need counseling, desperately, before they consider an emotionally intimate relationship with someone.

56. Miracles by Eric Metaxas "What they are, why they happen, and how they can change your life." This was an inspiring read. I highlighted favorite bits and wrote my thoughts in the margins.

57. Meeting God Behind Enemy Lines by Steve Watkins shares his experience in becoming a Navy SEAL and embracing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It was fascinating to read about his experiences pre-9/11.

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