Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Heroes... Jason Redman

I finished his book The Trident.

This is a quick reference but by no means the only one that will pop up when you google "Jason Redman." Duck Duck Go  (my "google" choice) offered "hospital sign" as an option, among others, and I chose it. I remember reading that post on social media. Wikipedia was the first link offered.

Once again, I'm inspired by people who never give up and never give in. I admire Jason Redman's courage to face his faults and choose change. Again and again, he could choose bitterness but chooses to find another way.

I realize I speak more of the men than their wives. I identify more with the men. I grew up in a war zone called home. I understand the fighting mentality, to an extent. Their wives, like Jay's Erica, are lionesses. I am in awe. I always wanted to be like them and feel totally unworthy to be any part of their sisterhood. It doesn't stop me from watching in awe as they support their husbands and handle the responsibilities of being military wives and mothers.

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