Friday, June 9, 2017

Sort Sort Sort

I'm letting go of a few more books, authors who used to be favorites but aren't anymore. Learning to use what's in my pantry. Working hard to learn to not eat simply to use up food. Tossing a few things that are expired and I wouldn't use anyway. I finally put my recipe for tomato soup on a recipe card, with my other recipes so it won't be lost among the scraps of paper with copious notes. I haven't read as much as I usually do. My mind's a bit scattered. I think I recognize this place; I've been here before. It's a cycle of being present and yet not in my head much. One of the blogs I followed suggested I determine what my purpose is and find a scripture to encourage me. I think I've found one but I want to sit with it a few days. I'm looking at what's coming in the next few days, and I'm already tired. I'm not even watching all that much television.

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