Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Heroes... Eleanor Armor Smith

Eleanor was wife to James Smith. Once again, little is known of her, except what her husband says in his letters to her. By his own account, he considered her capable of running things without him and loved her. He shared so many tiny details. What an amazing picture he paints of that time.

I've been amused by a meme that declares the problem with Congress is all the lawyers. Apparently, someone failed to check history. A good many of the Founding Fathers were lawyers. I think it dangerous to paint all people with the same brush. Those who paint lawyers with the brush of thievery are the same ones who rant about other groups not being judged by a few.

What happened to judging men by the content of their character?

The Founding Fathers were not perfect, but they were good men. Part of their drive was recognizing God's laws being violated and wanting change.

These men would not have succeeded without their supportive wives.

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