Friday, March 4, 2016

Preparing a Blessing Basket

I'm beginning my preparations for Easter. My Easter wicker basket, tied with ribbons around the handle, is lined with a pretty towel. I found an adorable stuffed purple bunny I couldn't resist. Fry's has a dish pattern I like with butterflies, bees, and sunflowers. I'm buying a bit at a time.

I've done a lot of investigating of Easter traditions. This is the list I came up with:

Chocolate Bunny
Vanilla Candle
Chocolate Eggs
Jelly Beans

Pascha ~ Bread ~ Potica ~ Croissant
Meats ~ Ham, Bacon, Sausage (Kolbasa), Slannia
Butter and Cheese
Hrudka or snets (I looked it up at the time but couldn't tell you what it is now.)
Pastries and other treats

Easter Eggs ~ Pyrambi - decorated
Chorin ~ Horseradish and beets (ummm... no)

Wicker Basket
Ribbon tied around the handle of the Basket
Towels ~ White Cloth

I've endeavored to follow this list for the last few years. What I've learned, for me:

No jelly beans, really. I mean it. They look yummy. They are yummy, and I have absolutely no self-control. Be nice to me: NO JELLY BEANS.

No chocolate bunny. Again, once I start in on the little critter, I don't stop until it's gone. Sad.

I can eat the chocolate eggs in a reasonable fashion, so they're still okay, though they were almost half price after Easter, so maybe wait to buy them.

No eggs. Really. No eggs at all. My tummy thanks me.

Ham, cheese, bread are all definitely on the menu.

Vanilla candle ~ love it

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