Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Follow Up

After feeling like I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to on Monday, I gave myself permission to start over on Tuesday. Rolled out of bed with my alarm clock. Did my grocery shopping and exercised considerable self-control. I didn't buy any of the Valentine stuff still on sale. I knew I'd come in under budget and gave myself permission to buy the RedCopper 10" skillet I've wanted to buy, as my old teflon pan is "flaking." I didn't buy other treats I craved. Thanks God, for help with the self-control. I recycled the books I didn't want to keep. Talked to an estate planner and have a goal to set up what's needed for me by the end of the year. Taxes are done, and refilled 2- and 3-gallon water bottles. All done before noon. Ate a pretty healthy. Did my physical therapy. Chatted with my sister. Read a bit. Worked on Giving Thanks. Go me. Give the battle to God and Praise God in the storm.

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