Saturday, March 4, 2017

My Heroes... Rik Swartzwelder

The creator of the film Old Fashioned. Rik saw the need for a movie that actually reflected the values and struggles of Christians seeking a forever relationship. So many romance movies and books are all about the romance, usually with a focus on the physical aspect. As important as chemistry is, chemistry doesn't hold a couple together when their home is lost in a fire or a child struggles with a learning disability or a job layoff. The majority of life is not spent in chemistry; it's spent making ends meet, cleaning house, taking care of the yard, raising children, grocery shopping, and dozens of other everyday things. Values and principles, honor and commitment are too often assumed and too often glossed over as boring. Those are the things that hold a couple together through the tough times. I hope Rik has something new in the works soon. Rik gave Laurel Hawkes permission to reference his movie in her Holiday, USA series.

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