Saturday, May 5, 2018

In a quandary...

Yahoo is changing their service. Yahoo and AOL are creating a company called Oath. They will scan all emails and share with other companies, like Verizon. They will determine if the content is concerning or not. Yes, I read the "About Us" page and the privacy page and... and... and... I have been with Yahoo ever since I joined the internet. I created a "safe" email addy that used my LOTR name for interactions with people I only knew online. I also have a "real" addy that I used for business interactions. Both are really me. I suddenly feel like my life is about to be put on a giant billboard, and nameless people will determine whether what I write is acceptable. I'm a writer. Yeah, my search history and email exchanges are fascinating, scary, and boring, in turns. I don't trust computers; they're incredibly stupid, fast but still stupid, and not even a little bit intuitive. Before this new development, I felt like they at least pretended to respect my privacy. However, if I close my Yahoo accounts, I have to go through all the companies I interact with and give them a different email address to contact me. Not to mention cleaning out emails I want to save and forwarding them somewhere else. My friends are writers, so I also have to check their content as well, to ensure they don't set off any alarms or send up red flags. Maddening. I don't need Big Brother. I grew up with a parent with narcissistic tendencies. I say that because there was never an actual diagnosis, but if the shoe fits... I'm definitely feeling bullied by these companies that think they have the right to determine their own definition of free speech, expect everyone to adopt their perception of right and wrong, and have absolutely no respect for privacy. The same companies who have had numerous security breaches. I'm sick and tired of lies and hypocrisy masquerading as self-righteous moral superiority. What do I want? Privacy would be good, but I understand accountability. Fine. Admit you're not perfect. Be aware of the addys and subject lines. Sharing all my information with a whole host of people does NOT make my information more secure. I'm not stupid, but it seems you might be if you expect me to believe you'll protect my information. Head/Desk. Everything has risks, but raising those risks while saying you're not is dishonest. Here's the thing: I don't want to think about these companies judging my integrity when they have none of their own. Even after the rant, I still don't know what to do, but I'm cleaning out a lot of emails in any case. I don't want to deal with making the decision of do I stay or do I go.


  1. We have several Yahoo email accounts, one of which we have had from the beginning of our time doing email. We use it for everything that involves both of us, and it is the email address we use for ministry. While we are annoyed at the change taking place, we do not plan to stop using Yahoo. For one thing, it's too much of a pain to change, and there is probably no free email provider out there that does any better with security and sharing information, so we'll stick with what is familiar. We figure that security on the internet is a bit risky no matter who we are with; we just have to take steps to do what we can to limit what we can, and then leave the rest to God. Online privacy is just too big of a thing to try to deal with on my own, so I am trying to trust God to take care of such things after I do my part.


    1. After I posted I was thinking I needed to talk to you. Thank you, for once again helping me work through a dilemma. I agree with you. Maybe this is simple a chance for me to clear out my email accounts of unnecessary stuff. :-) (((((Margaret)))))