Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday follow up...

I need this right now. I'm having a little trouble staying on task, so here I am requiring myself stay on task!

The timeframe is now fixed. Onward.

More sorting and neatening. Notes to current WIP in its own folder. 19 cents well spent.

Reading... added another author to my No List.

Today's goal is to add more to Tarnished Knight. A couple of chapters, preferably.

Move one set of books to storage. These are the books I don't want to give away. I may never have the opportunity to read them again, but I'd like to have them to do so if I want.

Choose another book to read. I have four TBR piles, one of which is my Kindle. I endeavor to balance my reading between paperbacks, the few hardbacks I own, and ebooks.

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