Friday, September 19, 2014

Follow the food...

Friday, rice crispies, pizza, Dove, dccf, cics, and milk.

Saturday, raspberry croissant and hot chocolate, pizza, dccf, Dove, baked potato chips, turkey sandwich, cics, and milk.

Sunday, pizza, Oreos, potato chips, roast beef, roll, pineapple, chocolate cake, ice cream sandwich, and milk.

Monday, rice crispies, chocolate cake, turkey sandwich, pretzels, Oreos, dccf, Dove, CIB, and milk.

Tuesday, rice crispies, chicken salad sandwich, pretzels, Oreos, CIB, poptarts (I needed a cheap, easy change), and milk.

Wednesday, rice crispies, poptarts, turkey and gravy, veggies, potato, Oreos, pretzels, turkey sandwich, dccf, cics, and milk.

Thursday, lemon croissant and hot chocolate (a lovely chance to relax and breathe), turkey sandwich, Oreos, pretzels, dccf, PopTarts, cics, Dove, and milk.

After I complained about "who opens a package of PopTarts and only eats 1 of the 2" I realized I open a sleeve of Oreos and eat only 2 at a time. Why can't I apply the same self-control to PopTarts? Sounds easy enough. However, I know how long it took me to learn to eat only 2 Oreos. Practice. Practice. Practice. The sooner I start, the sooner I learn.

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