Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Follow Up 30 Aug

How'd I do?

Defrosted my little fridge. It needed to be done. I've put it off for months. Done!

Played with Word. I hate Word. It's more complicated than necessary. Someone thought it would be a good idea to do cutesy things with it, like having "Welcome Back" appear each time you open a document. Really? Yes, it lets me know when I was last there, but you know what? I don't care. It might be helpful for those who have others working on the same document or the same computer, but it isn't to me. I haven't figured out how to kill it yet. Give me time. I also have to figure out how to create a template, since Word's isn't what I want. Instead of straight up and down apostrophes and quotation marks, Word 2016 kicks them at an angle. I set up an autocorrect to straighten them. Does it work? No. Right now, I want to go work on my old computer and save it on a flash drive and put it on this computer. Stupid to have it be so much more work. My line count on each individual page is gone! Stupidest changes I never anticipated. MS did not make it more useful; MS made it more cumbersome. Augh! I hate Word 2016. If you can't make a product better make it harder to get into. Congratulations MS; you succeeded in making your product worse. I want my 2004 Word back!

I wrote the post due this Friday, for a writers' blog. Yay.

I worked a little on All or Nothing, when I wasn't going crazy with the changes I don't want.

Exercised. Yay!

Ate pretty healthy.

Started the day with prayer.

I think I did pretty well taking care of me.

Read. Yes.




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