Friday, August 26, 2016

It's here. It's come...

The new computer! No, this was not written on the new computer. The new computer is still in the box at the time of this typing. I have absolutely no problem with changing over to the new computer and anticipate many things being much easier. I look forward to no longer seeing notices about updating my browser and the browser not being supported.

However, new computer means new MS Office. I am not looking forward to learning about all the new "features." Only a hateful man changes stuff that works perfectly well simply because he can change it... and to force someone else to purchase the product he messed with in order to claim it's "new."


  1. I remember working in the mission office, and we all used WordPerfect and loved it. However, the mission decided to change to Word, and since I was working in the writing department, I had no choice but to make the switch. It was pretty daunting, I must say! I finally took a deep breath, opened a Word tutorial, and taught myself how to use it while writing something that needed to be done. It wasn't so bad as I feared, and having the tutorial handy helped a lot. My supervisor was very happy with me because I was the first one to make the switch, too -- everyone else in the office was nervous about the change. That said, I'm still using 2007 because I have the disc and I keep installing it on new computers instead of going with a new version! ;-)

    Which MS Office will you be switching to?

    1. I pretty much have to switch to the newest Office because Mac no longer has a disc slot. I figure I'll go to the Miscrosoft site and download it. No matter where I buy it, Amazon or Best Buy, I have to go to MS to download. It will be easier for me to simply go to MS.

      What a great idea! I'm writing a post for another blog, and I can use my new Word as my first project! I love that idea! The post is only supposed to be 500 words. It's an easy starter. Thank you! (((Margaret)))