Friday, October 21, 2016

Brain Dump

I'm baffled by those who advocate the end of coal and oil. Why would anyone want to return to the Dark Ages or condemn anyone else to such barbaric conditions? Cheap efficient fuel is a gift to the world.

I'll believe those who want the end of fossil fuels are sincere when they give up the following:

I Vaseline
II Plastic
     1. Bags
     2. Phones
     3. Computers
          a. All electronic devices
III Cars
     1. Roads
     2. All guardrails and other protective devices
IV Airplanes
V Trains
     1. All travel, except by horseback, camel, elephant, etc.
VI Hotels
VII Appliances
VIII Homes
IX Stores
X Processed food of any kind... anything they didn't grow themselves
     1. Anything from a farm because farmers use things like combines
XI Seafood
     1. Boats
XII Shots
     1. Syringes
XIII Hospitals
     1. Protective gloves
     2. Sterilized instruments
XIV Tennis shoes
     1. Any shoes that aren't leather and made by hand
XV Research for illnesses, improvements, the next new wonder

To start.

Tell me how that works out.

I'll wait.

While I do, I'm going to enjoy the amazing blessing of fossil fuel by interacting with friends on the internet, reading a book delivered to my door, eating healthy food I bought at the store, wearing soft hypo-allergenic clothes made of material partially manmade, by the light of bulbs created in a factory that uses fossil fuel, and with electricity the majority of which is provided by coal, nuclear power, and natural gas (8.5x more than hydro, wind, and solar, combined and before those last ones are extolled for how great they are, do the homework of how much pollution they cause in creating them and disposing of them when they're no longer useful).

Whew. Out of my head.

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