Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Food Update

It's been a long time. My weight is currently sitting at one of my highest weights, which is about what it's been for months.

I'm walking more and doing more physical therapy. I'm making some healthier choices in my eating, more veggies and fruit.

I'm endeavoring to sort through what I have in storage and use it.

As much as I enjoy my 60-second pumpkin cake, it doesn't satisfy my chocolate craving. The problem with not being satisfied is that I end up overeating other things. When I do finally give in and eat some chocolate it isn't enough.

I've discovered the yumminess of roasted potatoes and pre-grilled chicken.

Woohoo! Thomas English muffins with cranberries are back on the shelves. They freeze nicely. They're delicious with butter, of course. They're also delicious with chicken and ham.

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