Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Two more authors have been moved off of my Favorites List. One I read because of the wit that's since disappeared in the writing. The other wrote a heroine that I... well, if I wrote murder mysteries, she'd be the first to die because she was simply too stupid to live. Disappointing.

62. Colton Family Rescue (The Coltons of Texas) by Justine Davis Romantic Suspense. I'm not a fan of series with different authors, especially when several of those authors are already on my "No" list. However, I love Justine's characters. It's worth not knowing the "rest of the story" to simply enjoy her piece of it.

63. A Widow's Scars by Kandi Jaynes Contemporary Romance. I love Kandi's stories. The characters are flawed and endearing. I love her secondary characters. She shares wonderful stories that draw me in and hold me to the end. She recently released a new book. It's currently on my wish list, but I'll be adding it soon.

64. Stealing the Minds of America by Janice L. Ponds Non-fiction. Janice reveals the history of the Democratic party, which wasn't what I was taught. I did my homework before reading Janice's book and was disappointed to discover how much lying and re-writing of history has occurred. Being black and conservative, she possesses a perspective often silenced by those who resent the 'agenda' being challenged. I knew the media had its own agenda, but she further exposes it. Fascinating read.

65. Highland Call (The Highlander series Book 2) by Sharon Gillenwater Regency Highlanders Christian romance. I simply love Sharon's storytelling. Her books are the kind I love to read and so few are written. My hope is that readers would consider me in the same realm.

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