Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Something needs to change...

I'm tired, all the time. I sometimes spend too much time on social media, though I've improved. I upped my exercise routines and feel exhausted all the time. I'm working on my story, but I want to be more consistent. I'm staying on top of things that have to be done, but there's still so much not being done. I feel like I'm in an in between spot: Making some changes, but they aren't complete. I see where I'm going, but it still feels so far away. There's a little niggling in my brain that makes me think I've forgotten something, but I can't remember what. The frustrating part is knowing it could be as simple as the change in weather. It hit 100 yesterday. Ugh. Or it could be allergies. Giving the battle to God and praising Him in the storm... and trying to laugh about it.


  1. Sorry you are struggling so! The feeling of having forgotten something is just about the most annoying thing there is -- it happens to me a lot, especially when I'm tired or have too many demands on me all at once. Praying you can find ways to rest that will allow you to recover your equilibrium, without feeling like you are getting even more behind! Also, that you can adjust as the weather changes, it could very well be the heat affecting you! <3