Friday, April 13, 2018


31. Race Against Time by Justine Davis contemporary suspense romance. As I read her books from earlier to later, I'm seeing her personal brand show through. I'd never considered that a writing style would be part of the brand, not to this extent. I've struggled with creating my own brand or at least seeing it clearly. I need to improve.

32. The Best Husband Money Can Buy (A Stockingful of Joy novella) by Mary Jo Putney Regency romance. She's still on my favorites list. It's been a while since I've read a Regency, and I miss it. Maybe it's time to begin the research for my next series.

33. A Light in the Window (A Stockingful of Joy novella) by Justine Dare (Davis) historical western romance. A Christmas story, with a bit of Christmas magic.

34. Target of Opportunity by Justine Davis contemporary suspense romance.

35. Dangerous Ground (Book 1) by Justine Dare (Davis) contemporary suspense romance. There's a little language and a few steamy scenes. As usual, she tells a compelling story.

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