Friday, April 27, 2018


36. Dangerous Games (Book 2) by Justine Dare (Davis) contemporary suspense romance. A little steamy and a little language but mostly page-turning suspense. And I cried for the happy ending. It's a romance; there is always a happy ending. I truly am enjoying the progression of the author's talent.

37. I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard of MercyMe with Robert Noland nonfiction. What an inspiring story. I heard the song a number of years ago, and it launched me into my love of Christian music. I own several CDs and listen to K-LOVE, my radio station of choice. A keeper. I'll be buying the DVD when it comes out. I saw so much of myself in his story. I wish things could have been different in mine, but that doesn't keep me from rejoicing in his.

38. Night Fires by Justine Davis contemporary suspense romance. This is a jump in a few years from the earlier books I've been reading. I'm able to see her future suspense writing taking shape.

39. Everybody Always by Bob Goff non-fiction. I skimmed quite a bit. I wish I'd gone in with more of an idea of reading a memoir than reading a guide. The way he presents his material it sounds like he assumes his way will work for everyone. Or maybe I was distracted from his message by his methods.

I've struggled to figure out why I was edgy reading his book. Not because of the call to "Be not afraid." I work hard at that one. Sometimes I'm successful. Sometimes I'm not. I don't like it when people take every phone call; the message they send is that the person on the other end of the phone is more important than the person they are with. I was appalled by many of his actions that ignored the consequences others would pay; it was all good because he didn't pay a price. He blithely violates people's boundaries, advises others to do the same, and thinks it'll work out wonderful. And there isn't something wrong with me for not liking my boundaries violated.

The author says that Jesus had no boundaries and neither should we. I beg to differ. When people portray Jesus as all sweetness and nice I wonder if we've read the same Bible. Jesus didn't hang out with hypocrites, and He had no trouble calling a sin a sin and sinners to repentance. He often arranged to be alone. He never allowed anyone to manipulate Him. He promised to divide father against son and mother against daughter.

I would have enjoyed his book more if he'd kept it as an autobiography. He's had some amazing and entertaining experiences, but to be honest I wish I hadn't read the book. I didn't feel the lighter or more inspired for having read it. I wish him well on his journey and hope he continues to influence others for good. His methods work for him. I wish I'd spent my money on something else. I would recommend a book like Same Kind of Different as Me instead.

And now you know why I usually only write about books I love.

40. Whiskey River Rockstar (Whiskey River Book 3) by Justine Davis contemporary romance. This is her most recent release and has steamy scenes. Whiskey River reminds me a bit of Holiday. It's uncanny how her characters struggle with similar problems to my own.

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