Friday, August 29, 2014

The week's food follow up...

Friday, rice crispies, a few chocolate-covered fruits, chocolate cake, spaghetti, yogurt, Dove dark chocolate eggs, chicken sandwich on rosemary and olive bread, coconut fudge bar, and milk.

Saturday, pina colada croissant (new favorite flavor) and hot chocolate, spaghetti and teriyaki chicken, chocolate cake, and milk.

Sunday, rosemary and olive bread and butter, tomato soup with corn (using stuff up because the expiration date says it's time), kaiser roll, chocolate cake, CIB, coconut fudge bar, and milk.

Monday, rice crispies, soup and sandwich, i.e., tomato soup with corn and cheese sprinkled on top, kaiser roll with turkey on half, hot chocolate and biscotti, CIB, coconut ice cream sandwich, Dove dark chocolate Promise pieces, and milk.

Tuesday, rice crispies, tomato soup with corn and cheese sprinkled on top, hot chocolate and biscotti, split a hamburger and fries with Shanyn, Dove, and milk.

Wednesday, rice crispies, chocolate-covered fruit, pizza, coconut ice cream sandwich, tomato soup with corn and cheese sprinkled on top, Dove, and milk.

Thursday, rice crispies, pina colada croissant i.e. pineapple and coconut filling (delicious), hot chocolate, pizza, 1/4 cup ice cream cone, tomato soup with corn and cheese sprinkled on top, coconut ice cream sandwich, Dove, and milk.

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