Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Food Follow Up

Matzoh has become a definite favorite.

String cheese with a few slices of pepperoni. Don't miss pizza as much.

In a little plastic storage container, mix of dried fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate covered fruit, with the matzoh, makes a snack I don't feel guilty about eating and I'm full.

Dove dark chocolate is the most satisfying chocolate. I love others, milk chocolate by Dove and Lindt, but I have more trouble saying, "enough."

Coconut milk, low fat, chocolate coconut milk, chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast, frozen banana, frozen raspberries, and frozen blueberries make a yummy lunch shake.

For Fun: Jack-in-the-Box JumboJack with cheese, fries, and a chocolate shake. Can't do it often, but once in a while is a real treat.

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